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Updated:February 14, 2023


A Treasure House of Festivals

Floats with the Dolls of Kugenuma Kotai Jingu Shrine Festival

Fujisawa with its many old temples and shrines is a treasure house of festivals. When the Shonan Enoshima Spring Festival opens as the camellias start to bloom at the end of March, crowds of people come to see the children parade and the ceremonial services for the shellfish. During the Yasaka Shrine Festival, which is held in the middle of July, portable shrines are carried triumphantly on the shoulders of their bearers into the sea to the enchanting accompaniment of flutes and drums of the dragon god.

Enoshima Firework Festiva

The Ryukoji Honan-e Festival takes place from September 11th to the 13th, where many people come to watch lanterns decorated with flowers that set the night sky aglow. Apart from these traditional festivals, the citizens hold their own“homemade”festivals that are also very popular. The Fujisawa Citizen’s Festival centered around Sun Pearl Square near the station includes various events such as parades from Saturday to Sunday late in September, attracts many people to the city every year.

Fujisawa Citizen’s Festival in Full Swing

But the main yearly events decorating Summer/Autumn night sky of this coastal city are the Enoshima Firework Festivals. A number of people come annually to Shonan Beaches to enjoy this spectacle.