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2003年、ハードコア・パンクバンドとして藤沢市で結成したcore of bellsは、実験的な音楽活動を行ってきました。彼らは、ジャンルの垣根を超えて美術家やパフォーマーとコラボレーションを繰り返す中、観客と「共有する時間」を音楽として捉えるようになります。現在は、楽器を演奏するだけでなく、まるで演劇のようでそうでない、観客を巻き込んだ時に挑発的で時に退屈なパフォーマンスを行っており、その手法は、発表の度に多様になる一方です。
core of bellsにとって、展覧会形式での初の発表となる本展では、2年間かけて制作してきたプロジェクトである「WEEKEND」を映像とインスタレーションで展開します。


core of bells, which was formed in Fujisawa City as a Hardcore punk band in 2003, has been conducting experimental music activities. As they have kept on collaborating with artists and performers regardless of genres they became to recognize “the sharing time” with audience as music. Today, they play not only instruments but also performances which is sometimes provocative or boring when making the audience participate, and the method is becoming more and more diverse.
They can no longer be described as a genre of music called only Hardcore punk band. However, the works they produce can certainly be experienced as a new kind of music that expands into everyday space rather than on stage.
For core of bells, this exhibition will be the first presentation in the form as an exhibition. It took two years for them to produce a project “WEEKEND” with video works and installations.
Since 2011, the themes of their works have been “ghost”, “sign”, and “boredom”. This time, they show people in the near future who continue to re-enact the memories of the past after the world had gradually collapsed. The boredom of each character replaying in various ways reflects our current daily life. And the beholders will be able to feel the “sign” and “ghost” by synchronizing the installation arranged as if left behind from the video and the image and see the whole work.



企画展Ⅳ Artists in FAS 2020 入選アーティストによる成果発表展

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